With years of experience as a top-rated eBay seller, USFreedom8 maintains a thriving rare coins and antiquities enterprise. USFreedom8 offers customers a full guarantee on the authenticity of each piece he sells while emphasizing value and all types of quality for every kind of collector. His clientele range from high end to the beginner collector. He enjoys sharing his knowledge & learning from others. His extensive appraisal and grading experience helps him maintain qualifications with NGC (Numismatic Guaranty Corporation) as an authorized coin dealer.

At the tender age of 4 was when his father passed away unexpectedly, USFreedom8’s passion for coins started when he was given a valuable Morgan Silver Dollar that his father had left for him. USFreedom8 dedicates his earnings to his father’s memory which has motivated him to stick with it through thick & thin. He has dedicated years towards keeping his eye sharp while perfecting a rigorous examination and grading process for every coin he handles. Much time and effort is spent utilizing exact lighting and photo-angle techniques to capture professional-quality images of his coins. This attention to detail assures USFreedom8‘s customers that they are purchasing the exact coin shown.

As a dedicated businessman, USFreedom8 pounds the pavement searching for the best deals to pass on to his growing list of clients.

As a longtime pet owner, USFreedom8 donates to the Animal Protective Association where he adopted his beloved dog.


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